Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surfin' Baby

This surfin" baby will be living in Alaska. I thought a little California sunshine in a quilt just might brighten up a very cold winter. It was made on a 5" grid. Charm squares and half charms alternated with 2.5" and 5" strips of Kona cotton. I may never do the channel quilting again. It took forever and shifted the quilt left to right more than I expected. The result, however, was a very soft hand.


Cat said...

I have been missing some great posts here! I love this baby quilt, it is so wonderful colorful!!! The straight stitching looks really neat too.
Happy Summer!

SarahB said...

What a cute little quilt! I've wanted to try the straight vertical line quilting before but hadn't thought about it shifting the layers - I'll remember to watch out for that if I ever try it!

I found your blog from your great comment on my little strip pieced skirt over at Moda Bake Shop! Thanks so much for leaving a note! Saying you might make it for your son really made me laugh. :)