Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank You Tonya and Lynne

Dear Fearless Liberated Ladies,
I did it! I pieced my first word! Actually 2 words with a tilde! Can you sense my excitement? I sat at the sewing machine with the computer next to my little cutting board. I ripped out a few because I kept getting messed up on background and letter color, but other than that, I did it. I love the little 'c'. My mom's reaction was that I didn't measure. Nope, didn't measure a bit until I attached it to the houses. This quilt is a tribute to the La Canada houses we love and almost lost in the fire. It will be in a silent auction next Saturday. I need to get borders on and start quilting today. Thank you both. Even though you didn't know it, you were there with me yesterday cheering me on.