Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonky? Maybe Not

I have had this idea of making a home town quilt for the school auction for a couple of years. I wanted the kids to draw a house and then I would copy it somehow. This year I am determined to make it work, even if everything isn't "perfect". The idea of being liberated is tempting, but I always seem to try and straighten everything up and do the math way too much. Here are my first attempts at houses. I gave up on every block being the same size in the first 30 seconds. Now if I can only let go a bit and let the houses be a bit more wonky.

P.S. Of course, Rusty had to help.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goodbye Patrick

I teach at a school, in a small town, nestled up against the now bare San Gabriel Mountains. Our classrooms are in pods. We can swing open the doors and visit each other. My neighbor Jan teaches first grade. I teach second. I love seeing her little ones and scope out future second graders for Room 7.

When I came to work at this school, I was immediately struck at how connected everyone was. As each new teacher comes, they are brought into the fold. Today the school family was out in force to support Jan and to say goodbye to her son. At 25, Patrick died last week. His mom says his death was a perfect storm of circumstances.

I'm proud to work with such caring people and I know going forward that Jan will have many to help her through the tough times ahead.
Goodbye Patrick