Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekend

It is Sunday night and I am sitting on the sofa with my sweet kitty and I'm watching Celebrity Apprentice. I have been on a frantic schedule all weekend to finish up four projects. I'm pooped! Project One was to finish up a quilt for 2 year old Lily. I volunteered through Margaret's Hope Chest. Lily loves kitties. The quilt has animals and other things hidden in the stitches. She can sing Twinkle, Twinkle while she traces around the star inner border. It is ready to be mailed on Monday. I also included a stuffed kitty and some chocolate and bubble bath for Lily's mom.

Project Two was to embroider 7 aprons for the Lovely Luncheon Ladies at work. Every 6 weeks they come to school and make an extraordinary lunch for us. I bought the aprons and just added the names. The group is coming on Wednesday for a St. Patrick's Day Lunch. This leprechaun has a little surprise for them.

Project Three was to hem a wedding gown for a friend. Thank goodness she is a size 0 and that dress was narrow. I spent hours re-beading the hemline as all the beads fell off when I cut off the extra three inches! The gown is silk lawn and I have been keeping it safe covering every surface it touched with a sheet. I still need to hem the silk lining. The wedding is April 3.

Project Four is my Brownie sewing lesson. I will have 12 little sewers in my classroom after school on Friday. I make a small pillow with buttons on the corners. The kids will embroider a pillow topper which will button on. They leave with a finished project in about an hour. It takes me just a few hours :) to make all the pillows. Next month I'll have another troop with 16 girls.

Good night moon!


Darling Millie said...

Wow! And I thought I had a lot going on! Gorgeous aprons, they will be thrilled!

Cat said...

Yes you sure are busy! It's all I can do to hold down a job and a few stoolen moments at the sewing machine. Hang in there, you will be remembered by a lot of little Brownies!