Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Heart Fireman!

This photo is amazing. These are the homes just north of my school. They have an amazing view all the way to the ocean and back up against the Angeles National Forest. Each one was nearly lost yesterday. When the smoke cleared, the brush was gone and the houses remained unscathed!

The fire has now moved more in my direction but seems to be burning up the canyon and I live down. The sky is brown. The air is brown and thick with smoke. How am I going to have 20 little ones all cooped up tomorrow? Welcome to second grade, now don't breathe until after 3:00.


Bruce said...

Poppy Q sent me over to meet you. So sorry about all the fires in CA. Stay safe!
Bruce the cat:)

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Rusty,
We dropped by to say hi...we read about you on Poppy Q's post.
Tell Mom her quilts very pretty.
Madi and Mom

Batu said...

Poppy Q sent me over to meet you! Quilts are big in our area too because we get very cold over winter....We love firemen too as we get terrible bushfires over summer! Hail the Firies!!!!